Defyromize me and call me by my name

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After the official U.S. recognition of Macedonia under its costitutional name, there is a lot to do for “defyromizing” american websites and organisations which are still calling it “Fyrom” (Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia).

Well, the team of Reality Macedonia proposed its community to ask Yahoo for using the right costitutional name, putting forward at least three reasons:

1. Common sense – the inhabitants of the country do not use

the “former” part at all, consider it insulting and have the

basic human right to own identity without it.

2. Regional perspective – no other former Yugoslav Republic is

designated as such by Yahoo (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,


3. Diplomatic reality – US government does not use the

“FYRO” designation, and Yahoo is an US company.

Let’s hope that Yahoo will refer to Macedonia in the proper way, listening to the rightful queries of Macedonian citizens.