Biljana, switcher in pectore!

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ibook and mac mini

Making Biljana a switcher was not easy stuff. I have been actually trying since our first date, without success.

You can’t imagine how much I did hated her win 98 that is never working on a even more awful pc.

“Francesco, the pc is not blocked”, “Wait me to reboot”, “My cousin (the famous geek cousin everyone has among his relatives) will come tomorrow and will erase c (erase what!?!?)”. Everyday, something wrong.

Well, I used to see all this mess from my privileged point of view, from my never-stopping ibook. Biljana was not believing there are not viruses for it, and not “defragmenting” and formatting stuff to do: I knew she was just needing her time.

Ok she explained me that, yes, maybe the apple policy in these areas is a bit “out of market”. The computers are too expensive and the people is earning less and less than us. She also told me, moreover, that finding an apple reseller in Skopje is kinda mission impossible.

The official news tonite is we finally found a store in Skopje which we are proud to link and to promote as much as we can. Future shop has all the models of Apple Mac and, now that finally mac mini has been released and the ibook has reduced its cost, Biljana is willing to buy one.

The matter now is which one to choose…

Honey, make the last little sacrifice, 999 is understandable price for freedom, take an ibook, for writing me your sweet words directly from your sofa!