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Secretary for the exact amount of kajmak inside karadjordjeva of C.Y. is very glad to be hosted on “Burekeaters” and would like to improve the relationship between well eaters and mostly well maker of burek, especially the cheese filled one. He remember first time He ate burek, the meat filled one, in a small and not too clean hole in Zadar and the strange sensations He felt after many hours He finished to eat…The second time He ate burek in Sarajevo and the music changed! Because the yogurt? On this subject He would like to remember that the exact amount of kajmak, a rich creamy spread that“s equal parts butter and cheese, is very important on making karadjordjeva snizla, the serbian “cordon bleu” or “schnitzel”, if you prefer…, escalope rolled up and stuffed with home made kajmak and ham breaded and deep fried. Well, it’s saturday half past eight p.m. and pizza is waiting for me and i have to check the exact amount of mozzarella upon tomato, too. So, good appetite and mind the quality!