Balkan OpenOffice: mission accomplished!

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We all know that digital divide is a big issue in the Balkans. Well, in Macedonia is even bigger one.

That’s why we meet good news on this field as very important steps towards the inclusion and the deliverance from poverty.

The one of today is that the translation of the entire OpenOffice interface (OpenOffice is the free alternative to Microsoft Office) into Macedonian is now completed thanks to a totally voluntary “Translation Marathon” organised of by the civil society organisation Free Software Macedonia and the Foundation Metamorphosis.

Free and open source software is an enormous chance for the countries and the organizations on the way of their development.

We hope that young people in Macedonia will use their brand new OpenOffice localization to increase the level and the quality of their relationships and business, doing so, materially helping a “better society” to actually come.

We wish you good work!