Global Humanities n.10 – Looking for Aura in the 21st Century

Global Humanities n. 10 – Looking for aura in the 21st Century

A cura di: Frank Jacob e di Francesco Mangiapane – Anno di pubblicazione: 2023 – Casa editrice: Museo Pasqualino, Palermo (ISSN: 2199-3939) – ISBN: 979-12-80664-60-0

Testi di: Federico Biggio, Maria Giulia Franco, Francesco Mangiapane, Carlo Andrea Tassinari.

88 years have passed since the first publication of Walter Benjamin’s essay where he firstly proposed the notion of aura. Following the ongoing process of artification of daily life, the problem of the uniqueness of the work of art, as identified by aura, continues to be inspiring for understanding and criticizing the social world. This issue of Global Humanities proposes the idea that the concept of aura may be considered as an effect of meaning which demands to be managed by social actors in the mediasphere. Such a move enlights the relevance of a proper struggle for “authenticity” to be pursued as an added value of daily life: How do social forces construct such an effect? How do they capitalize on it, in their activity? How does it get recognized and valued?